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Comments on our Sailing Charter Holidays

Guests comments on their Yachting Charters, Learn to Sail Holidays, Crewed Charter Vacation, Sailboat Holidays
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In Asia - Philippines, Langkawi Malaysia, Phuket Thailand, Andaman Islands, Indonesia, Australia, Pacific Islands, Caribbean

"We aim to set the highest standards wherever possible and to do whatever we are doing just that bit better than anyone else. We hope we are justifiably very proud of those standards and achievements and that you will be equally pleased once you have sailed with us. Many of our clients have returned again and again and some year after year in over 15 years in operation - for me that is our best reference. Most of all its simply about having fun, read on to see what a small section of our guests have said about us on their sailing holiday, yacht charter or sailing course."

Mark - Aims for the highest standards

Mark Instructing on RYA Courses

Thank you Mark! We had a great time together, a great week of sailing and fun, good winds up to 30 knots, doing 9 knots off Lanta. Good to get to know you and get some insight into the sailing/circumnavigating lifestyle. I certainly learnt a lot!

ark is the perfect teacher, host and chef. I will sign up as crew anytime anywhere if I am lucky enough to get the chance.

Vegard came for more experience, mileage and a holiday - February 2013

Vegard Enjoys Sailing

Thanks for an excellent week. Mark, you are good in the galley are as good as you are at boat handling! All the best to you and Meniscus for the future.

Tor came for a holiday and some preparation for his round the world trip - February 2013

Tor Sailing Round the World

Million thanks again for the awesome sailing experience with you! We have only good memories about the trip and appreciate all the coaching from you during that week! We got that spark again for the sailing (it was three years for us since the last time!) and will now for sure continue both RYA practical and theory, thanks to your inspiration. I have myself now started on Coastal Skipper theory course and Henna is considering possibly Day Skipper theory course in the future to complete the Dau Skipper certificate. I will be surely coming back to you on those topics then later.

Juha and Henna did a Coastal Skipper and Day Skipper Course from Phuket - January 2012

Juha - Day Skipper

I immensely enjoyed the two weeks. This was a wonderful sailing with much practical learning on things like splinting the boom and mooring fore and aft in a brisk breeze on the beam. I'll try to get more friends for a Feb/March trip!

Terence did a two week Day Skipper Course from Phuket to Kho Lanta, Langkawi, The Butangs, Rok Nok etc December 2011

Terence - Day Skipper

" I did want to thank you again for a great trip which all of us enjoyed and everyone commented on how great it was having you aboard. Your green curry was also thoroughly enjoyed and we must get the recipe off you.

Mike and friends did a special sailing dive charter with us down to the Butangs March 2011

Mikes - Dive Charter

"We had such a fun week on Meniscus, it was a great start to our long holiday. Thanks for your compliments on our sailing and one day I might be persuaded to do coastal. I thought the week with you was a great refresher. We certainly had all weathers and all conditions, including washing up with a storm approaching, and it was great to get way off the beaten track and anchor overnight in the middle of nowhere. It all just helps with feeling comfortable in different weather, conditions and sailing areas. As you know I have also done a few sailing courses and this was by far one of the best - you also spoilt us with all the wonderful food you prepared, the way you looked after us all and made sure we were always fed and watered. You also just made it all seem easy and relaxed. All in all, a great week, so thanks."

Read Julie Milnes account - Julie's trip to Langkawi
her Live Aboard RYA Day Skipper Course - Dec 10

Julie - Learning to Sail Day Skipper

" We are back in Abu Dhabi with (as they say in Germany) one laughing and one crying eye: A great trip with fine memories and we are sad we aren't there anymore. I would really like to thank you for a great time, all the patience, the fine food -not to forget the fine drink, and your unwavering cool, even when we tried to demolish the marina. So, needless to say that we hope to see you and your Meniscus again soon." -Volker, Sabine, Sareema, Dietrich on their Family Liveaboard and RYA Learn to Sail Holiday on Meniscus - Dec 09

Volker, Sabine, Sareema, Deitrich - Family Sailing Holiday

"Staying with you was good fun again. Yours is definitely the fun way to learn sailing and still enjoy a holiday at the same time. All hands-on experience and well dosed theory. I enjoyed your salads and last but not least our conversations. Certainly we will get in contact with you if we're in need of more sailing instruction, and I'd like to consult you on other related issues if I may.

Vincent, Simon, Ricarda and Michael on their 3rd Family Liveaboard and RYA Learn to Sail Holiday on Meniscus - April 09

Anthony, Simon, Ricarda and Michael - Learning to Sail on Holiday

" Well we've just made it back home - damn ! Thanks again for everything and we will definately keep you in touch.... We had a fantastic time and will let you know how we get on as 2009 progresses.

Stuart and Clare on their Sailing Holiday and RYA Course - Dec 08

Stuart and Clare - Learn to Sail RYA Course

"Mark - a great chef, whipping up amazing meals in the galley for us all, excellent cooking and the sheer volume of the hospitality: ‘Would you like some fruit? Would you like some peanuts? Would you like a cookie? Do you want two bacon sandwiches - the best I’ve ever tasted. Ever.)"

Click Here to read Claire Jefferies account - Claire's trip to Langkawi
her two week RYA Competant Crew & Day Skipper Course - Nov 08

Claire - Learning to Sail Day Skipper

"Thanks for being such a good sport on the cruise. I think James and I learned a great deal (including that bloody tide business)... I think I also picked some good tips from you on what one needs in a sailing yacht. It was so difficult to go back to work after our great week aboard Meniscus.... Keep in touch!"

Todd Bancroft on his RYA Day Skipper Course - Nov 08

Todd - RYA Courses Day Skipper

" Thanks for a great week, I learnt a lot, had a good time and almost forgot about work too. It seems that Claire has now claimed our water speed record so at some point we'll have to come back and try for more speed, although a 38 knot wind equates to force 8 (if I recall from my training) which sounds rather exciting."

James Oliver on his RYA Day Skipper Course - Nov 08

James - RYA Instruction Day Skipper

"Thanks once again for a truly professional sailing course and all the kindness and patience you showed to Pim and myself - I may never drink a margarita again!"

Bobby Salmond & Pim on their Competent Crew & Day Skipper Courses - Nov 07

Bobby - Sailing Instruction Competant Crew

" Enjoyed the voyage immensely. On reflection it was not only a great way
to learn the sailing skills I wanted to learn but also a great way to
see part of Thailand. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with a novice, hospitality was terrific and overall a very enjoyable couple of weeks.

Greg Hanckel on his two week Sailing Holiday and RYA Course - Jun 07

Greg - Learn to Sail Holidays and Skippering

" We had such a nice trip. I want to thank you as well for organising it for us, and a special mention for the delicious meals :-) "

Dimitri and Arja their RYA Competent Crew & Day Skipper Course - Mar 07

Dimitri - RYA Competant Crew

" First of all , I would like to thank you for being so patient - I have
taught people computer programmes when they have no knowledge of which
way to point a mouse so I can understand when you wanted the "mainsheet in " and I was folding up the bed.... Both Lesley and I had a really steep learning curve to climb ( it was very difficult getting the brain in gear to actually DO WORK on the boat and not just want to lie on the deck sipping champagne). I think your teaching methods were good.."

Paul Davis doing RYA Competent Crew - Feb 06

Paul - RYA Competant Crew Course

" Thank you, indeed, for the part you played in making it an interesting and
entertaining week. The calm, un flurried way you went about looking after us
made for a most relaxing few days. I also learned some lessons for my future plans! No doubt you will keep in touch from time to time to let us know where you are. If ever in Cowes, an invitation to the Castle is yours."

Mark Heywood with David Barham's Yacht Charter for the Royal Yacht Squadron Rally - Mar 05

Mark - Crewed Yacht Charter

" Just wanted to say thank you. You gave me the confidence to take my boat over from North Devon to Milford Haven and then to Ireland and along the South coast and back - arrived home safely yesterday after two weeks.
We had everything from a rough very wet force 7 to a millpond no wind return over the Irish sea with thousands of dolphins all afternoon - we ran into the largest school ever reported in the UK! Took two guys from the village - one who had never really been on a boat and my next door neighbour who used to be in the merchant navy container vessels and then run a fishing boat and had done some dingy sailing but knew the sea. Probably totally fool hardy but it worked and had no serious incidents and a terrific time, down to you. Many thanks and if you are in the West Country during your trip over let me know Very best wishes to you

Niki Tait after her RYA Coastal Skipper - she has done 4 cruises with us - Feb 05

Niki - RYA Coastal Skipper Course

"It was a great pleasure to be with you again after seven years and to see you (and Meniscus) in such good form. The three weeks provided a mixture of good sailing and fantastic scenery, in a most excellent cruising ground. You certainly worked hard (and in good humour) to give us an enjoyable time, delicious meals on board and found many an interesting place ashore. I enjoyed all the meals, particularly the exceptionally tasty fruit and vegetables."

Michael Gill on his 2nd Sailing Holiday with us - Nov 04

Mike - Sailing Holiday

"Many thanks again for the week! I do appreciate the special effort on my behalf."

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His 7th of 9 trips with us. He is now Yacht Master Ocean - May 04

Ian - Sailing Vacation

"A Fantastic Couple of weeks - look forward to coming back if we are allowed. Thanks for everything."

Alison and David Cook - Mar 04

Alison - Learn to sail on holiday

"Many things added incredible vibrancy to the trip which was made more enjoyable by Mark's sense of humour, diplomacy, tact and interest in people the world over. Well done!" Please click here for Lesley's full write up on the trip to Myanmar - Read about Discovering the Mergui Archipelago

Lesley Hamilton after nearly 6 weeks cruising on board - Feb 04

Lesley - Sailing Vacation in Myanmar

"The scenery was stunning, the diving a major adventure, the food tasty. Learn 't loads and had a bloody good time etc etc... ."

Chris Barraclough and Paul Lewis on their third Sailing Holiday - Feb 04

Paul and Chris - Learn to Sail In Thailand

"Great Skipper, genial host and I make no bones about it, even your cooking has improved in the six years since I was last onboard Meniscus!! I can see Meniscus has been well maintained and looks almost new inside and out. A credit to you and the professional way you run your business."

Rupert Hitchcock on his fourth sailing cruise with us - September 03

Rupert - Sailing Holiday in Langkawi

"A great fifth cruise on Meniscus with the usual brilliant hospitality. Highlights this time, the amazing high pinnacles of rock rising from the sea, Koh Phi Phi Ley (hongs galore), Koh Mook - the swim in the dark to the central lagoon. A lovely lovely time."

Tony and Brenda Bolton on their fifth sailing holiday cruise on Meniscus- Mar 03

Tony and Brenda - Sailing Cruise in Thailand

"An unforgettable experience, a thousand thanks, I've had a great week."(To read about the week please

click here for A cruise around Langkawi) -
Dr Caroline Thompsett- Jan 03

Caroline - RYA Sailing Course in Langkawi

"It has been a joy again - roll on next year!! (To read about their charter please

click here for The Dragons of Komodo).
Tony and Brenda Bolton on their 4th cruise on Meniscus - April 02

Tony and Brenda

We all achieved our objectives - thanks for a wonderful time.

Eve, Claire and CharlieWells on their 3rd visit - March 02

Eve - Yacht Charter in Bali

"The weather was great, the meals excellent, beautiful beaches, the sailing a pleasure and an adventure. We hope to meet up again .Thanks Mark for everything, a great trip!"

John and Carol Saunders - July 01

John and Carol - Skippered Charter in Fiji

"I had a great trip! The boat is strong and the captain experienced. With a sense of humour and a guiding hand Mark made my vacation a wonderful experience. This was my greatest sailing vacation to date."

Fred Benneke - June 01

Fred - Sailing Vacations

"I have sailed with Mark on many occasions. It has always been fun. This time the boat is bigger, the meals better and the weather much warmer. Thanks Mark for a splendid month! I saw and experienced many memorable events. Being able to meet local Fijians was particularly remarkable. Keep up the good work! Your hard efforts and thorough approach really do turn peoples dreams into reality."

Kevin Usher sailing with us many times since 1993 - September 2000

Kevin - Yachting Cruise

"Highlights of our trip included meeting the Fijian people, particularly the schoolteachers and most of all the children. I was very moved by their unconditional generosity, honesty and the welcomes we were given as we entered each of the islands. I will remember the singing, the giggles I had with the Fijian ladies whilst cooking and fishing. Thank you for boosting my confidence with respect to navigation and overnight passages. It has been great to sail with a truly trustworthy skipper."

Click here to read about Operation English and delivering school books to the Lau Group - Susan Lane on the first of four trips with us - August 2000

Sue Lane - Sailing Expedition to Fiji

"I did enjoy our adventure. I always wanted to experience a "passage" and now I have "bragging rights." Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The squall off New Zealand was plenty enough excitement for me. I thought you did an outstanding job in getting us safely home."

Neill Joined us in New Zealand - November 1999

Neill - Sailing Trips

"We just got our film back last week and rejoiced over what a great trip it was. I reflected on other trips we have taken and realized that most of our trips fall into two categories. Those vacations in which you simply relax and "detox" from the hectic life of urban America versus vacations or trips in which you truly learn about another culture and experience a different way of life. Our Fijian adventure fulfilled both needs and truly combined relaxation and learning. We are intrigued and drawn to the South Pacific and certainly plan to come back soon."

Scott & Heidi Joined us in Fiji - August 1999

Scott and Heidi - Boating Holiday

"Sandy beaches, palm trees, beautiful sunsets, moon-lit skies, wonderful people, great boat, fantastic crew! It really was a dream come true!"

Alison joined us in the Caribbean - Alison Weeks - June 1998

Alison - diving live aboard

"Thank you for a most excellent week. I really enjoyed myself and appreciated your expert tuition and guidance in the art of sailing."

Rupert Maynard - Sept 97

Rupert RYA Yacht Master

"Thank you for the training which led to the success in the Yacht Master exam - we had great fun during the week and I really enjoyed sailing with you - hope to do it again before too long."

Allan Walker - April 1996


"I was astonished at the level of cuisine you provided. It was way above the standard expected."

Graham Collins - July 96

Graham - Skippered Sailing Holiday

"Thank you for some excellent sailing. We enjoyed your company, the catering and everything associated with the trip. Viv and Samantha are now as hooked on sailing as Stephen and myself."

Gary Stephen Viv and Samantha Lewis - May 95


"Thanks to you for all your patience, care and attention! All three of us really do feel we have moved forward in a significant way and benefited from your tutoring."

Peter Bessler and Family on their Family Sailing Holiday- July 95


"A great adventure and coaching experience. I cannot work out whether I learnt more about sailing or myself. It certainly has inspired me to go on and do more. Thanks again."

Catherine Rowan - several Sailing Trips between 1993 and 1996 - June 94

Catherine - Crewed Boat Holidays

"Thanks for some great racing at Cowes week. Well done getting every thing organised we had a good team and some good results." Look forward to racing in Antigua race week later this year"

Stephen Pennicott who has sailed with us over 10 times times since - Aug 1993

Stephen - Yacht Racing

Guests comments on their Crewed Charter Vacation RYA Yachting Courses and Instruction
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